Saturday, August 30, 2014

Favorite TV shows

Caramel Apple-Anything on Food Network

Stripie Snakie-Serpentine Ninja Warrior
Sweet Grapevine-Project Slitherway

Tangerinei-Any nature documentary.

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Little python fact-Snakes are great mimics. Many non-venomous snakes rattle their tails against leaves and grass to scare away predators. And any rattle means "I'm scared of you, leave me alone".

Friday, August 29, 2014

My Little Python:Mini-biographies

You know My Little Pony? The cartoon with horses who don't act like horses? And say you wanted My Little Pony with more exotic animals. Enter My Little Python. This is a cartoon blog about various cute snakes doing un-snakey, cute things. You will see in the future:Stripie Snakie knocking over Caramel Apple's cake, the snakes going to the fair, and a Halloween special.

Meet the snakies
Caramel Apple
Enjoys cooking, and can be very timid, but a good friend.

Stripie Snakie
Intelligent and daring, a bit careless at times. Often doesn't realize his actions effect other things.

Sweet Grapevine
Very vain and loves dressing up, occasionally very self-conscious, and loves a good joke. Once you look past her flaws, a great friend who tends to look on the bright side.

Loves plants and animals, is usually outside surrounded by nature. Often seen helping Caramel Apple cook, adding organic items.

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