Monday, September 29, 2014

So you think you know My Little Python

Do you think you really know the My Little Pythons? Do you think you really know the comics? Do you think you really know life in Serpentville? Do you think you know My Little Python? Take this test and find out!


It's Serpentville's best game show!

Pythons at the Carnival Coloring Sheets

We have some coloring sheets for you!

They are:One of the pythons checking out a game, Tangerinei and her giant plant, Sweet Grapevine giving herself a fright at the funhouse mirror, Stripie on a water ride called the King Cobra, Caramel Apple and her cake, and the evil Frogmeister!

This villainous frog is up to no good! He opposes the My Little Pythons and everything they do and always tries to best or sabotage them. If somebody steals your toy, it's probably Frogmeister. If somebody sends Peepers at you during a game of Mineshaft (essentially Minecraft with Peepers meaning Creepers), then it's probably Frogmeister. If somebody switches the salt and sugar in your cake, it's probably Frogmeister. He's public enemy number one in Serpentville, and its only resident to have facial hair.

Little Python Fact:Some reptiles and amphibians do have "hair"! There is a creature called the Hairy Frog which has hair-like structures on the male, and the eyelash viper, which has scales above its eyes resembling eyelashes!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

An sPhone conversation

I managed to sneak a peek at an sPhone conversation between Stripie Snakie and Caramel Apple! Don't tell them, but here it is. We also have...

Jigsaw Puzzle 2
Personality Quiz
I'll be gone for a couple of days, but enjoy these My Little Python things!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Little Python games and activities

Can't get enough of My Little Python? Now there are some great activities that are related to the pythons! You've seen the "Caramel Apple's Kitchen" and "Python Sudoku" but now we have more!

Word Find
Print it out and give it a try!

My Little Python arcade games
Jigsaw Puzzle
More activities, comics and videos soon to come!

Play Sudoku with the Little Pythons!

Thanks to our friends at "Picture Sudoku", the Pythons now have their own picture Sudoku game!. Just click here to play along with Stripey, Tangerini, Caramel Apple, and Sweet Grapevine.

Caramel Apple's Kitchen-Word find

Caramel Apple has a tasty activity for you. Can you find the foods that are yummy treats for her wild relatives? Print the activity and give it a try!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Stripie's Nightmare:A video!

Stripie Snakie had a nightmare that he was eaten by a giant this video.

Little python fact:Some snakes eat other snakes. Both cobras and kingsnakes have done this, and other snakes won't pass up eating their relatives either!

Miss (Mr) Amphibia Pageant, part 3

Next up, we have a family act
Where are you getting that information?

On my sPhone-they're live tweeting from backstage!

Hello, I’m a bullfrog. I represent the United States and my talent is growing really big. I’m the largest native frog in America. (I would be the largest of all frogs, native or invasive, in North America, if it weren’t that there are cane toads in the Everglades.) Main threats to me include being taken out of the Southeast, stuffed in Grow-a-frog kits, and let loose in ponds to become an invasive species. If you get one of the Grow-A-Frog kits, make sure you’re prepared to take care of me my whole life.


Hi! I’m the pixie frog. Don’t be fooled by my common pet trade name, when I grow up, I’m going to be not that pixie like. I’m gonna be a big bullfrog like my dad. Everything applies to me that did for the bullfrog. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to practice my eating everything for when I grow up.



Hmmm...eating everything, huh....Any more of that popcorn left?
I'll go make more...sigh....


American Bullfrog image from

Pixie Frog from 

Little python fun fact: Reptiles and amphibians can make great friends, but always make sure you know just how big your new friend will get and what he'll need his entire life before you bring him home!

Miss (Mr) Amphibia pageant, part 2

So, who's up next?

I think we continue in the Americas

Does anyone have an interesting talent, like constricting?

Hello, all. I am the North American wood frog, and I represent Canada. My talent is magic, or something pretty close to it. Because I live in such cold climates, where icicles are the status quo, I have antifreeze in my veins which allows me to forget brumation, completely freezing during the winter and in the spring, thawing out and hopping out perfectly fine and ready to breed. I’d like to see you southern frogs do that.


Now THAT'S Cool!!! Literally!!!  


*burp* Hello, I’m the Cane Toad. I’m native to South America, but I represent Australia due to my invasion there. I eat everything. You got that? Good. Anything that tries to eat me gets poisoned. I can get to the size of a basketball and have killed many a dog who chews on me not knowing that cute little frog is a poisonous toad. Not to mention, I invaded everywhere for the purpose of pest control. Main threats to my habitat include…what am I saying? I am all the threats to my habitat! Anyway, please leave me in South America where there are things that can handle my toxins.


Hmmm... I wonder if I could learn to secrete toxins?
I don't think so, Stripey!

Animal photos-Wood


Little Python fun fact-Stripey may not be able to be poisonous like a cane toad, but some snakes can be, including keelback snakes and garter snakes.