Friday, October 24, 2014

My Little Python Halloween:Pythons Carve a Pumpkin

So what should we carve on our pumpkin?


A smiley face!

So what should we carve on our pumpkin?

Something with fangs, like me!

Stripie, you don't have fangs!

Says you. *shows hood and rest of cobra costume* Muhaha.

*sigh* What was I thinking? Flowers are more in this year than smiley faces!

*sigh* What was I thinking? I should have just gone with a normal-sized pumpkin!

Hey, I like it!

There's another My Little Python treat for you this Halloween. We have a little Pacman game and quiz.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My Little Python Halloween:The Pythons Pick a Pumpkin

I think that for Halloween we should carve a pumpkin!

But where will we find a pumpkin? They aren't selling them at the store!

Don't worry. We can carve my prize pumpkin.

(They go to Tangerinei's pumpkin patch.)

*looks at small pumpkin* Is this your prize pumpkin?


*looks at medium pumpkin* Is this your prize pumpkin?

No. *turns to gigantic pumpkin* THIS IS MY PRIZE PUMPKIN!

Wow. Let's carve that one!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Little Python Halloween:A solution to the problem


Stripie, I forgive you for the caramel apple incident, but we need something for the trick-or-treaters!

You know, we don't have to give out candy. We could get some neat toys and games for the trick-or-treaters.

That sounds like a great idea, Stripie! I'll head to the Halloween store to get some bouncy balls.

(Caramel Apple goes to the Halloween store and gets 1,000 bouncy balls.)

I hope the trick-or-treaters will like these bouncy balls. And did we really need 1,000 of them? This is pretty heavy...

(Caramel Apple slithers down the sidewalk back to the Little Pythons' house. She does not see Frogmeister strategically placing a banana peel in her path.)

*trips on banana peel* Woah! That Frogmeister! He must have known I was going this way and made me trip! Oh no, the toys! They're spilling out everywhere! *calls on sPhone* Hey guys, a little help here? *ends call*

(Stripie Snakie, Tangerinei, and Sweet Grapevine come to the rescue.)

That Frogmeister! I can't believe he made our friend trip just when she was carrying those bouncy balls! These are for the trick-or-treaters!

(off to side with Caramel Apple) I'm really glad you were carrying your sPhone and we have such helpful friends. It would have taken so long to manually pick up all those bouncy balls and put them back in.

Well, at least we have something for the trick-or-treaters! It's better than nothing.

(off to side with Stripie Snakie) I'm pretty glad too.

Little Python fact:Snakes usually don't slip, even when climbing trees! Their belly scales give them a grip so they don't have to worry about getting into predicaments like Caramel Apple surrounding banana peels.

Monday, October 20, 2014

My Little Python merchandise and doorknob hanger

Can't get enough of the Little Pythons and their adventures? Do you want to broadcast them on your doorknob, in what you're wearing, and even on your pillows? Now you can, because thanks to our friends at Zazzle, now we have a My Little Python merchandise store, and I also made you a doorknob hanger! Now you can get or print original My Little Python gifts!

Fill in your name on the blank!

Click here for the merchandise!

My Little Python Halloween:Caramel Apple makes Caramel Apples

(Caramel Apple goes to the store and gets some caramel, some apples, and some sticks. Dialogue as follows.)

La di dah...let's see, cover the apple in caramel and put on stick, then repeat...oh, the trick-or-treaters will love these!

Mmm...those caramel apples look good! I'm sure she won't mind if I eat a couple...

STRIPIE! You ate my caramel apples! Those were for the trick-or-treaters! Now what will I give out?

Friday, October 17, 2014

My Little Python Halloween:Ghost Snakes!

(Caramel Apple, Stripie Snakie, Tangerinei, and Sweet Grapevine shed their skins. Dialogue as follows.)

Hey guys, you know our friend, the frog?

Yes. What about him?

Let me guess, Stripie, it's a Halloween prank. I'm not sure about doing that. You know he's easily scared!

But it's the only time of the year when it's acceptable to scare people! All we need to do is just stuff our shed skins and hang them up.

(The pythons stuff their shed skins and hang them up.)

Hey, Caramel Apple, Stripie, Sweet Grapevine, Tangerinei? Hey, what's wrong with you? AAAHHHH! You're ghost snakes!

You were right, Stripie, this is fun!

I told you it would be!

Little Python fact:Snakes shed their skins every couple of months, more often for a hatchling. They don't usually use them to prank their friends though.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Repticon 2014

We'll see you there!

Little Python fun fact-Reptile shows can be a great way to find a new friend, but make sure you've done your research first. All reptiles need special care to be healthy and happy.

Monday, October 6, 2014

My little python on Pinterest


For crafts, cooking suggestions, and cute stuff that are Caramel Apple, Tangerini, Sweet Grapevine, and Stripie approved!

Friday, October 3, 2014

The Evil Deeds of Frogmeister:Salt-Sugar Switch

BLECH! What is this, Caramel Apple? I thought you were making a cake, but this is all salty!

I-I don't know! I followed the instructions...that Frogmeister! He must have switched the salt and sugar!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Evil Deeds of Frogmeister:Mineshaft

Hey Tangerinei, whatcha playing?

Mineshaft. It's a really cool game-OH NO! THAT PEEPER EXPLODED MY BUILDING! That Frogmeister! I bet he did this.

Little python fact:Frogs make all sorts of noises, from croak and ribbit, to, yes, peep. But as far as we know, no frogs go boom.