Friday, December 19, 2014

Happy Holidays from the Little Pythons

(The Little Pythons get ready for their holiday photo)

Stripie, can you please get out of the tree? You could really hurt yourself!

Oh, don't worry, Caramel Apple. I'll be just fine...WOAH! A little help here?

Happy holidays from the Little Pythons!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Little Pythons at School:Meet Cassandra de Culebra

I'm really nervous! It's my first day here at Serpentville Elementary and I'm worried the other kids will think I'm all venomous and dangerous just because I'm a cobra. I'm sure there will be plenty of friends for me, though.

Have you heard about that new kid? There's rumors going around that she's a COBRA!

I'm sure she's perfectly nice, Sweet Grapevine. Don't judge people just because they're different.

Oh, so she's a cobra. We'll have to see if her hood's as cool as mine, then.

Hi...I'm Cassandra de Culebra. What's your name?

I'm Sweet Grapevine. And I love your hood! That really looks good on you.

Hey, I was just born with it.

Hey, you've got to love that new kid! Her hood just looks great.

Right you are, Grapevine! These are great.


You said it, Boiga! This is just awesome.

So, Stripie, your Halloween costume's at the height of fashion right now!

Well, at least mine didn't have a flower on!

Little Python fact:Many snakes will flatten their heads to pretend to be cobras, just like the snakes are doing in this comic! But even if you do see a venomous snake, just like Cassandra, they're usually not mean! Just let them be.