Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Save The Frogs! 2015-Summary

We had about 35 kids and over 50 people, even though it was raining.
We got a ton of food, including these lovely dishes.
Frog cookies from King Street Bake Shop, a local business

Click here to see a video of the Human Frog Chorus!

We had lots of frog science and art, including our creator's "If you Build It, They will Come". You can see her articles on it at Alli's Snakes, our sister site!
Overall, we had a good event!

We would like to give shout-outs to:Homeschoolers of Memphis Eclectic, especially the Math Maniacs and Mythology Club, Young Champions Bartlett Diamonds, City of Bartlett Parks and Recreation, King Street Bake Shop, Conserve it Forward, The U.S. Forestry Service, The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Save The Frogs!, and last but not least, the frogs, without whom this would not have been possible or necessary.

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Amphibian Awards:American Bullfrog

LONGEST LEAPER (for a frog of known species in the United States)
            Hello. I am famous because I can really jump! I jumped 21 feet and 5.75 inches once. I’m actually a record in the United States. Anyway, about my species in general, we’re the largest native frogs in North America. We’re also invasive in California because of them Grow-A-Frog kits and the folks who let their tadpoles loose when they grew legs. So don’t just get retail tadpoles and let ‘em loose, kids. That’s my lesson to share. Plus, I also got introduced because you humans like to eat me. So please, stop it. I don’t eat you!

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Friday, April 17, 2015

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The Amphibian Awards:Goliath Frog

            I AM GOLIATH FROG! HEAR ME CROAK! Sorry about that, I get distracted. Anyway, I am famous because I am BIG. Bigger than a basketball. Stronger than any other frog. I am like the Hulk of frogs. I started out small, just an average-sized frog tadpole. But then I grew. And grew. And grew. I came out of the pond with one thing in mind-to EAT. I ate anything I could get my mouth on and I grew into the biggest, fattest frog you’ll ever see. However, I am considered endangered so leave me alone. Besides, if I get angry at you, I can do some damage.

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Amphbian Awards:Eastern Hellbender

Most Likely To Be saved by captive breeding
Hellbender Salamander
            I used to be in decline. Yes, my species could have gone extinct any moment. But the zoos. They saw this and started breeding me like mad. With perseverance, the Nashville Zoo got baby hellbenders to see captivity for the first time in history. Now all the other zoos and captive breeding programs want a piece of this to secure my spot in history for generations to come.

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Yes, hellbenders!