Friday, April 29, 2016

Happy #ArborDay from XP!

The Great Snake's Computer Lesson:

You might wonder how exactly what XP is looking at relates to trees. What she's looking at is a directory tree. (Directories got renamed to folders and are called folders or libraries in Windows 95 onward, but they're still the same thing.) Directories are basically groups that contain files and the directory tree is the file system structure of having directories and subdirectories which are directories that are inside other directories. The path of a file (that's exactly where it is so the computer can find it) is its position in the directory tree. Here's the anatomy of a file path. For example, in XP's directory tree, there's a subdirectory in My Documents called My Music. It contains the subdirectory Recordings which contains the file scream.wav. All these directories are on XP's hard drive.

C;\ (This is what drive it's on. Usually, this letter is a C or D, which is your hard drive. Any other letter usually means that it's on another hard drive in the network or a portable file storage device, like a flash drive or CD.) \Documents and Settings (If you have two hard drives (one for the OS and other programs and one for data) you won't see this.)\Users (This shows whose file it is if your computer has multiple users.)\Windows XP Snake\My Documents\My Music\Recordings\scream.wav is the file's full path.

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