Thursday, April 7, 2016

We're looking for photos!

Stripie is planning to write a kids' book about Serpentville and his real relatives but he needs photos! He tried to take some, but because he lives in Serpentville, any photos he takes look like drawings so he needs photos of his real relatives! Here's what Stripie needs.

  • Photo of a snake eating (ideally eating a mouse)
  • Photo of a brightly colored snake (no Photoshops)
  • Photo of a snake outside, ideally in a garden
  • Photo of some snakes living in a group or caring for young
  • Photo of a hognose snake playing dead or puffing up
  • Photo of a rattlesnake
  • Photo of a cobra
  • Photo of a sea snake
Stripie will credit you in the book, and if you contribute a picture, we will mail you a copy of the book! When the book is created, it will be available on and all royalties will go to Advocates for Snake Preservation.

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