Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Happy #InternationalWhaleSharkDay from the Little Pythons! #WhaleSharkDay

Don't worry, Aqua Blue isn't at risk of getting eaten. Even though Whale Sharks are the largest living fish, unlike other sharks, they mostly eat plankton, krill, and small fish.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

My Little Python at 2

Little Python fun fact
Snakes are great mimics. Many non-venomous snakes rattle their tails against leaves and grass to scare away predators. And any rattle means "I'm scared of you, leave me alone". Here's a video!
Video from YouTube.

Most of you might think this is original for us. It isn't! Long-time My Little Python fans will remember "Rattlesnake?", the first My Little Python comic ever. We've changed a lot since then. Let's have a little throwback, shall we?
Some changes include:

Spots and hats on character designs gone
Text added to comics (the first hand-drawn My Little Python comics had scripts below the comics)
Multimedia (videos from YouTube and other sources)
Social media pages
Frogs became recognizable as frogs (but still egg-shaped)

We've been around for 2 years and have grown so much since 2014. And I'd like to give a shout-out to everybody who's supported us, let us present at conferences, laughed at our comics, or even just liked something we've posted. You've all been a great help. Happy 2nd birthday to My Little Python and here's a cup of lemonade to many more! Also, today we got mentioned in an article titled "What SciComm looks like" (scroll down). Here's the link!

Plus, yesterday, we went to the Bartlett Petco's Reptile Night and we got some great art of reptiles from one very special kid. Here it is!

And as more of the My Little Python 2nd Anniversary Throwback and Comparison, let's look at the evolution of the logo and the slogan attached to it.

At first, our slogan was "cute little snakies". This was that we were a webcomic about cute little snakes, which we still are, but we're so much more than that. We reflected that with a new motto, "changing the world one snake at a time". This shows that we are a campaign. We will change the world. Oh, and it doesn't represent changing the world by saving one snake at a time, even though that is what we're doing. What it is that we're changing the world, one toy snake given out to a kid at a time. The most recent logo redesign didn't change the motto, but it provided a cleaner, more modern look and showcased the wonderful power of Microsoft Paint's crayon effects even more than the previous logos. Also, it features Stripie Snakie and Sweet Grapevine, shown to be the most liked My Little Python characters. (In surveys, the most votes for favorite character went to Stripie Snakie and when given a choice, girls in My Little Python's target age range of 8-12 preferred Sweet Grapevine and other purple snakes.) 

Also, let's look at how we do outreach. We started out as a webcomic. But then we expanded to social media. Catapulting into modern times, we have a webcomic. We have a Zazzle store. We have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We do conferences and Reptile Nights. We have an app in the Windows Store. We have over 350 posts. We've given out hundreds, maybe even thousands, of toy snakes and business cards. We have more than 18,000 pageviews. We have dozens of characters ranging from real snake species to Windows versions! And all of that is because of you. Yes, I'm talking to you. Our Twitter and Instagram followers. Our Facebook horde. We are the Reptilian Legion, changing the world one snake at a time. We are My Little Python. And we will keep on working until every kid loves snakes. And some advice to everybody, told via Stripie Snakie:

This applies to your education, you as a person, a business, an organization, an idea. If it exists and the idea is alive, it can grow. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Happy 15th birthday to XP! @Windows @Microsoft

Our Creatures in our Neighborhood/My Little Python anniversary event is today, but on the blog and social media pages, our 2nd anniversary won't be celebrated until its actual date on the 28th.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Not sure if these count for #PokemonIRL...

...but Alli's Neopets wanted to play.

Also, I think just about everyone has seen this Bird Pokemon...

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

2nd birthday cover image (Full Version)

In celebration of our second birthday, we've set our cover image for Facebook and header image for Twitter to this awesome image, drawn by the Great Snake!

Click to enlarge and see it in its full glory.

Character list:

Stripie Snakie, Caramel Apple, Tangerinei, and Sweet Grapevine (found in every comic ever)
Boiga and Gutatta (found in Meet Cassandra DeCulebra and Aqua Blue's introduction)
Cassandra DeCulebra (Most recent appearance in the Obedience School story arc, introduced in Meet Cassandra DeCulebra.)
Aqua Blue (Most recent appearance in the Pet Show story arc, introduced in Meet Aqua Blue.)
Albert Spinestein (Introduced and has only appeared in the Serpentville Science Fair story arc)
Taylor Crotalis (Most recent appearance in the Sweet Grapevine and Taylor Crotalis story arc, introduced in Shake My Tail)
Windows XP (Introduced in Adventures of Windows XP, although she previously existed as one of the Great Snake's Neopets. Most recent appearance in the Assistant Teacher Bob story arc. Happy birthday to her on the 22nd, the same day as our Creatures in our Neighborhood event! Windows XP was first released on August 22, 2001.)
Fang (Most recent appearance in the Stripie and the Pet Show story arc, introduced in Stripie Gets a Pet.)

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A meme featuring The Great Snake

I don't know if this meme is still in circulation or not, but even an obsolete meme is still funny.