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Hi! You've probably stumbled upon this page and are wondering what we are, what we do, how we came to be, and how our comics and stuff are educational.

What we are
My Little Python is a project that wants to make people like snakes. We try to achieve our goal via posting cute comics with snakes as characters. But you might ask, "How, Little Pythons?" Well, this isn't the Little Pythons. The Little Pythons are in the comics. It's me, the Great Snake, on the other side of the fourth wall. Anyway, you see, the reason it helps is because, okay, I'll give you an example. Try to watch any animated kid's show, saccharine kids' webpage, or really anything that's cute and aimed at kids. You'll probably notice that almost all of them have some sort of cute talking animals that act like people. But snakes and other reptiles aren't usually there, and if they are, they're usually evil. As a result, kids get to learn about other species of animals and see them as good, but with snakes being evil or absent, the same kids end up not thinking about snakes or seeing them as evil. And even though a kid thinking snakes are bad because they learned it on a TV show might not seem such a big deal, how about when that kid's an adult and they STILL think snakes are bad? They might kill snakes or if they have kids, misinform them too. So, My Little Python has cute, friendly snake characters that act like kids and do what kids do so that kids learn to see snakes as creatures worthy of love and support, not fear and hatred.

What we do
We post comics, like the ones you've probably seen if you're on this page at all. If you're here, you've probably gotten here from the social media pages. At one point, we had an app in the Windows Store, but it got removed for not having a detailed enough description and not providing "a useful, engaging user experience". Admittedly, it did the same thing viewing this page could and it's probably easier to use your web browser. If you have a postcard-type business card or toy snake from The Great Snake (she's about 4 foot 10 and she has brown hair) and you're in the general area of Memphis or anywhere the Great Snake's had conferences or events, you've probably experienced the My Little Python outreach snakes. If you've heard the Great Snake speak, then you've experienced our public speaking at events. If you've seen the Great Snake with another snake around her neck, probably an elderly ball python who goes under her arms like backpack straps, then you've met one of our Snake Ambassadors. If you're homeschooled, in the general area of Memphis, and know where The Great Snake's house is, then you might be part of Team My Little Python or MLP S.N.A.K.E. The acronym is SNAKES NEED ADVOCACY from KIDS and EDUCATORS. What this means is that we really wanted the acronym to be "snake".

How we came to be
This is our origin story. Okay, so once upon a time in 2012 or so, The Great Snake was at gymnastics camp. Her and the other 8-10-year-old girls were talking about pets. When The Great Snake mentioned that she had a pet snake, the other girls started talking about killing snakes. And the coach/counselor didn't feel very good about snakes herself, so she didn't see this as The Great Snake's feeling being hurt because other girls were talking about killing her pet. She saw this as The Great Snake's talking about snakes "bothering people" so, of course, she was told to stop. I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but for The Great Snake, asking her to stop talking about snakes is like asking her to stop breathing or asking her heart to stop beating. It's pretty much impossible to do if you want her to survive. Anyway, so Alli realized that something needed to be done about that. But she didn't know how to make a blog and wasn't allowed on social media, so she had no clue what. Fast forward to August 2014. The Python Mom (the Great Snake's mom who determines what's appropriate for our social media pages) had recently ordered some adorable bendable snakes from Oriental Trading. They were brightly colored for Halloween and had adorable pythonesque heads. So what did the Great Snake do? She drew them in Microsoft Paint and made them a blog. At the August Reptile Night, she had flyers detailing these adorable snakes and their care and keeping, complete with a link to the fledgling blog. She gave the snakes to anyone who wanted her and basically became known as "the cute kid with the plastic snakes". That is basically My Little Python's image. Or, in reality, it's "the cute snakes who've gotten a cute kid to work for them."

How our comics and stuff are educational
All right, the comics contain text so our comics might help teach reading. Some comics have facts about snakes below them which is a little bit of herpetology. Just being able to navigate a blog and stay safe on the Web is a major part of computer skills. BTW, for parents, our blog is a really good place for kids to be introduced to the wonders of the Internet. Even if a kid ends up on the social media pages, we only share kid-safe stuff and try to only like kid-safe pages. So, there isn't really that many ways a kid could run into trouble from our blog. As long as they stay on the blog and stuff linked from it, there isn't anything remotely inappropriate. So, anyway, the main way our comics are educational is that they teach kids about snakes and other animals.

So, that's the lowdown on what we are, what we do, how we came to be, and how we're educational. The only thing I haven't mentioned is what we aspire to be. What we aspire to be is basically what we are now, but bigger. I'm happy with us as we are. All we need to do as grow. And you viewing this page, yes, you, you in front of the device! You are helping us grow a tiny bit with every millisecond you spend here. Thank you. Thank you all. *hugs you through the screen* Thanks, XP! You can go back to the Windows NT framework now. I don't know how she did that if you're using a Mac.

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